Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The MEC!

Yesterday I took a tour of the MEC in Munday, Texas.  Did you know that Munday had a place called the MEC? It is the Munday Events Center. It is a wonderful space (roughly 4700 square foot with central heat and air) for hosting events. Many of you may know it as the Young Farmers Barn, used for stock shows, etc.  And, they will continue to host stock shows....and much much more!

The walls of the barn have been insulated with a spray on insulation, then covered with a wood siding. The floors are concrete. Tables and chairs have been added. It still boasts a large concession stand area and plenty of parking outside.


The Knox County Visioning Committee will be hosting the 2010 Job Fair at the MEC on November 8th from 6-9 p.m. Businesses looking for employees need to get signed up.  The public will be invited to come and tool through the showcase of businesses who are looking for employees.  Applications and interviews can be done on the spot, or set up for a later date with individuals. It's a time to let people know you need an employee and make a match with a qualified applicant!

We will also have various agencies there to talk to businesses and potential employees about services they can offer them.  It's a great time for businesses to make a connection with the public and find employees.

For more information on the job fair, contact Jimi Coplen, KCVC Director at 940-459-4121 or  And, if you need to book the MEC for your event, call Mark Reed!

Have a great day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Work, Live and Thrive in Knox County

Where did October come from? I don't mean literally, I mean how on earth did it get here so fast? The time-speed thing does not make me happy, but this cool weather is awesome. Now is the time to do all the things we put off because the weather was too hot!

The Knox County Visioning Team is doing just that! The board of directors met yesterday to take care of some business and plan the 201o Job Fair! The tentative date is Nov. 8th and location is still being determined. This will be an adult job fair. Anyone looking for employment, thinking of changing jobs, or just moving to the area, should attend the job fair. It will be free of charge to the public.

Area businesses looking for employees can set up a table with a representative from their organization. There will be a small set up fee of $25. Sponsorships will also be available.

Dynamic connections can be made and two problems can be solved in one place. Businesses can find good employees and local folks can find great jobs! So, be watching area newspapers and this blog for more information. For more information, email me at

Happy Fall!