Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Knox County Brochure in the Making

The Knox County Visioning Group has embarked on an exciting, new project: a county-wide brochure! This brochure will feature all of Knox County and its assets. The KCVG is projecting a fall debut for the brochure.  A participation form has been mailed to all businesses throughout the county.
“The KCVG has discussed the need for a brochure many times, but now we are making it a reality,” said Jimi Coplen, KCVG Director. The brochure will feature advertisements of businesses county-wide as well as historical attractions. A detailed county map will also be included as well as a list of accommodations and restaurants. 
The brochure will be distributed at Chambers of Commerce throughout the county as well as high traffic areas such as motels, restaurants and convenient stores. It will serve as a tool for anyone who needs a map or a list of services available in the county. “The maps are useful to industry throughout the county as well as visitors. This year, the Texas Forest Service utilized county maps to find various county roads during the fires. That is just one way it can be used,” said Ms. Coplen. 
All businesses in Knox County should have received notice of the brochure by mail. If you did not receive one, please call the KCVG office.  Sarah Reeves, KCVG summer intern is following up with local businesses by phone and email. “We don’t want to leave anyone out that wishes to participate,” said Coplen. The brochure will likely have a shelf life of two years.  
The deadline for advertisements has been extended to August 5. After that the KCVG will be working on the historical information as well as getting maps ready. Once all elements are complete, the brochure will be printed and distributed in the late fall. “It is a fantastic project that we are excited to see come to fruition,” said Coplen. For more information, call 940-459-4121.