Thursday, September 8, 2011

KCVG to meet Sept. 15th at Quality Implement

The next KCVG meeting is set for September 15th in Munday.  We will meet at Quality Implement on Highway 277 at 4:00 p.m. sharp.  Randy Cypert is going to give us a tour of their facility and tell us some of the neat things they do out there.  Quality Implement is a large company and extremely important to the vitality of Knox County.  If you know a farmer that might like to join us, feel free to invite them. Many of them already use Quality Implement but they would still enjoy hearing more about their products and services.  After we finish our tour, we will go to their downtown location to continue our meeting. 

Please mark your calendars to attend, invite a friend, and take a minute to learn about interesting things going on in your own backyard. You are the best representation for the county. When someone asks, "Hey, what is there to do this weekend in Knox County?" You will be able to tell them! Between each of the cities, there is usually an event taking place somewhere in the county!  The KCVG is always excited to hear about what projects or ideas you have in the works, so please join us at a monthly meeting and let us know about them.