Friday, January 23, 2009

Visioning Meeting

Visioning Partners,

First, I apologize for getting this information to you and having a short time span to plan. Our next scheduled meeting was scheduled for Feb. 5th. However, Remelle and I and a couple of others will not be available on that date. We feel it's important for us to meet and discuss the celebration dinner (what went well, and where we could improve) and several other items we need to handle. I am calling a meeting for next Tuesday, January 27th, at 3:30 PM in Munday. We will meet at the Perry Patton Center.

Lots of great things are happening in Knox County. Come and share your vision.


Travis C. Floyd
Knox County Judge

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April Garner said...

Dear Knox County Visioning Team,

I had the plesure of meeting with Remelle this week in Austin and she told me about a few of the many exciting projects you all are engaged in - the E-Dreams program for the youth, wow; the new Adventure Country ad campaign, very compelling! You all have become an innovative model in community/tourism development that many others in Texas will want to learn more about.

I think several of the Heritage Tourism staff and regional partners will get to be in your neighborhood this March for the Texas Heritage Lakes Trail board meeting. We hope to visit all of Knox County again and see first hand what you are doing.

A special thanks to the Peppers for sending me a very lovely magnet with images of the tractor and mural art that is part of Knox City's identity. Don't you just love the power of art to inspire and provoke emotional connections to place and people. You guys have it going on and I am proud to know you all!

April Garner
Heritage Tourism
Texas Historical Commission