Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year of Progress and Accomplishments

In the end, you’re measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish. And, this year, the Knox County Visioning Group has done just that.

“One of our biggest accomplishments this year was the Knox County Brochure. It is at the printer as we speak. This is going to be a great tool that will be utilized by many,” said Ms. Coplen, KCVG Community Development Director.  The KCVG sold ads, organized design and printing of the brochure.

2011 Artwork from Projects

The KCVG also held their first major event in 2011 – Knox County Adventure Days. This event took people around the county through events like the Amazing Grace Race, a bus tour, and even a photography scavenger hunt. It opened people’s eyes to the rich history of the county. This event is being repeated April 27-28, 2012.

Another big accomplishment was the business development workshop series. Meetings held throughout the year consisted of workforce development, customer service, social media, estate planning and business planning. These workshops attracted a variety of different people and brought resource agencies to the county.

A big hitter at the end of the year was the Shop Local flyer produced and mailed by the KCVG.  “These flyers went to each box holder in Knox County. Christmas sales carry these retailers throughout the year so it is important to remember to support them during the holidays,” said Ms. Coplen.

The KCVG also participated in the promotion and manpower of the music camp and Cowboy Christmas Ball in Goree. They also helped in the group tour that took place during the quilt show.

Additional projects in 2011 included a job fair, business recruitment, a summer intern program, grant writing, entrepreneurial support, and monthly KCVG meetings where all shared about events going on throughout the county.

The KCVG could not do what they do without the support of their partners. Partners receive advertising at all KCVG events, in press releases, on KCVG letterhead, the website, and social media.  Partners include Knox County, Knox City EDC, Development Corporation of Munday, First National Bank of Munday, City of Munday and the City of Knox City, Knox County Hospital District, City of Goree, Circle Bar Ranch, AEP, and Knox County Abstract. 

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