Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ranch Country Communities YEDay from Tammie

Youth Engagement Day was a huge success. The team challenged students of the Ranch Country Communities to realize the treasures within themselves and within their reach. The students arrived and picked up their packets and picked out their riches from treasure chests. Each bag contained clues that would guide them through the day on the hunt for treasure.

Stacy Henry, Executive VP of Crowell State Bank, presented "Show Me The Gold". In which, he asked the question, "How many of you are ready to leave town? And never come back?" The response from the crowd was the majority, as expected. Mr. Henry could relate because when he was their age he thought he had learned all he could from his small town. Mr. Henry was no stranger to hard work and he shared about a devastating hail storm in his hometown that kept he and his fellow football buddies in the roofing business all summer long. Although he learned about being disciplined and having a strong work ethic, it was after this experience that he knew that a desk job was the dream career for him. He succeeded in finding his treasure and made his dreams come true upon returning to his hometown.

Mr. Tibb Burnett, Cowboy Poet, gave us "Clues From The Past". He uncovered the hidden treasures of the land between the rivers. He uncovered such a rich history of happenings from our past. And even though the physical wonders of our region are out in the wide open for any eye to see, most of those in the audience didn't have a clue that they even existed. If one takes apart the word history you find 'his story'. And Mr. Burnett shared 'his story' through poetry. I'm just glad that he preceded and ended his poems with melody from his harmonica because the way he talked was simply poetic. With such rich words, descriptions and display of raw talent, one cannot imagine any walking away from his presentation without a sense of pride in our home prairie.
Remelle challenged the students to attach the clues from their treasure sacks on one of the four bulliten boards provided at the front of the room. They were directed to choose the subject that was most important to them...excitement, adventure, closeness to family, education, career, etc. When she turned over the pieces from the bulliten board a map was unveiled, revealing the fact that all of their goals and dreams were within reach~smack dap in the middle of their home in the ranch country.
The break-out groups went well with the theme: Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies! Their tour guides were Barbara Rector, Amy Lowrance and Lorrie Coop. The groups rotated between three workshops:
  • Mining The Riches-A workshop where students learned about preparing for careers and professions that were already on the map. Finding their talents, gifts, abilities and matching them with professions. Friends from Area Health Education & Texas Workforce Commission were present. (Karina & Remelle)
  • Creating Your Own Treasure-A workshop where students learned about designing your own dream jobs that weren't necessarily on the map using entreprenual opportunities. Entrepreneurs shared their success stories. Sylinda Meinzer of Badlands Productions & Santa Fe on the Brazos, Jennifer Shaw of Shaw's Pharmacy & Mule Creek Feed & Supply, and Tammie Trainham of Trainham Ice & Meat and A Place To Stay.
  • Leadership NOW-A workshop where students learned about getting involved, getting ahead, building the dream and discovering treasures through service. Darryl also introduced the Fall 2008 Ranch Country Youth Entrepreneurship Fair. He encouraged the kids to start planning now to enter their business idea and capture the $1,000 cash prize!

Picnic-style sack lunches followed the workshops where the students had the opportunity to 'network' with kids from other schools and the speakers. The finale' was a lot of fun with two brave students who interviewed their peers about the workshops, which revealed the fact that they actually did gain many jewels from the treasure hunt.

A big thank you to Knox City ISD for lunch and the use of your top-notch facilities. Another big thanks to the school administrators that believed in YEDay and allowed their juniors and seniors to participate. Thanks to the sponsors who accompanied these students. Speakers were wonderful, thank you for your time. Kacy the artwork and visual aides were amazing. And for those who made this event happen~thank you: Ogalla Commons, AHEC, and the Knox County Visioning Group.

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Anonymous said...

Getting everyone involved
Earlier this year some 130 students from all over Knox County participated in "Youth Engagement Day" to learn about the history and culture of the county and what opportunities lay ahead.

This fall, the Knox County Visioning Group will participate in the Ranch Country Youth Entrepreneurship Fair, where students will be encouraged to develop an idea for a business that would work in Knox County.

Students will compete for up to $1,000 in cash in a contest in which they will develop business plans with financial information.

"We plan to do an adult track of the same idea as well," said Remelle Farrar, county economic development director.

-- Celinda Emison