Thursday, May 1, 2008

Red River Cluster Leadership Summit

“Planning Community Development
Opportunities for our Neck of the Woods”
Tuesday, May 27th 10am-2pm in Nazareth, TX

The school year is about to end, and though we are almost half way through 2008, it is an opportune time to assess and prioritize for our Red River Regional Cluster of communities and counties, as we work collaboratively to build our key capacities.

Several events were very successful for our Regional Cluster in the past 8 months (the Sept. Youth Engagement Day in Hart, the Youth Entrepreneur Fair in Nazareth, Business Fairs in Tulia and Nazareth, and LIFT Leadership Training in Castro and Swisher Counties).

How can we build on those successes, and plan events over the next 8-12 months that will create greater participation and buy-in…in ways that will meet the greatest needs we see in our communities…and that will build on the strengths that we already have? Let’s bring together core leaders from our hometowns, so that we can plan together to “get more of our arrows moving in the same direction”!

Where: Home Mercantile Building in Nazareth (corner of Leo & Second Streets
  • 10am Opening Discussion: What Do We Need Now in our Communities?

  • 10:30 Rationale of our Regional Cluster: Utilizing the Six Fence Posts to Harness and Build Up our Foundational Commonwealths
  • 11am Ogallala Commons Best Practices…
    What has Worked Well in these 6 Areas in 2007-08?
    - Assessing & Prioritizing
    - Engaging Youth
    - Supporting Entrepreneurs
    - Growing Leaders
    - Harvesting Wealth
    - Conserving Natural Resources

  • 11:45 Finding the Sweet Spots…Where Can We Make Our Biggest
    Breakthroughs and Impacts in the next 6-12 months?

    After a short presentation, participants will break into Community Core Teams for their lunch session

  • 12noon Strategizing and Planning Lunch with Core Teams

  • 12:45 Developing our Road Map…Reports from Core Teams

  • 1:15pm Cluster Training & Learning Days…Laying out our 12-month Plan

  • 2:00pm Adjourn

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