Friday, June 20, 2008

~Housing Update~

The May Meeting with Joe's presentation was very good. Joe was well received. People were very interested and he offered several ideas that were pertinent to our situation. Lots of discussion about doing something on housing. Marla Hawkins came and thankfully brought some practical experience, thoughts and suggestions to the table. I believe our next move on housing will be to have a local contractor who has actually expressed an interest in building some new houses in Munday and/or Knox City and Benjamin come and present his ideas to the committee. Maybe then we will see if there is any will to actually take action. Joe's presentation hit home the point that there are 4 necessary ingredients for any housing to be built in a community. The first 3 we have available land, buyers and renters looking for housing, financing available...the fourth is what stops most communities from getting new will. Do we really care enough to do anything about it?

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