Thursday, June 19, 2008

TMCN Lawmakers Luncheon

Traveled to Coleman, Texas on May 20th with Judge Travis, Barbara and Dwayne to attend TMCN’s Lawmakers Luncheon. Nicki and staff did an excellent job of putting a great event together with an especially difficult to round up an depend on, legislators. Our own two had other commitments, but the panel from our neighbors was excellent and I felt we made some good contacts with them and their staff also.

Judge Floyd was the MC and did an admirable job, even with the joke Brenda told him not to tell. I was also glad to have Barbara and Dwayne who sat with Charlie Stone, the Director of the Office and Rural Community Affairs at lunch, have the opportunity to get acquainted with him and vice versa. Those folks need to know those of us actually working and living in rural communities and what we are doing.

One of the upshots from that was in Austin the following day. Charlie asked me if our YEDay was something that could be implemented state wide if the funding were available. What a compliment! And, yes we are going to follow-up on that!

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