Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brine Lake

Imagine being able to salt water fish in Knox County!  This could be a reality if someone had a passion for starting a fishery at Brine Lake in Truscott, Texas.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Duke, who is the project manager at Brine Lake.  We discussed the potential this lake has for Knox County.  Due to the large salt content, oceanic fish could live here.  However, this endeavor would have to be started by an experienced individual with an entrepreneurial vision for this type of work.

There is also the option of solar ponds for producing electricity. And, I'm sure there are many other entrepreneurial type endeavors just waiting to be explored. We just need some creative folks to explore the possibilities. 

If you know someone who might be interested in starting a business like a fishery, please tell them about Brine Lake.   The Knox County Visioning Group can help them explore the options of getting started.  

This is just one way to live out your dream in Knox County!  If you are interested in starting any type of business here,  please talk to any member of the Knox County Visioning Group. We would love to help you get started. 


buddy4u said...

not feasable

Anonymous said...

not going to happen and not workable.
to far from any real resources they should have never built it in the first place.