Monday, September 29, 2008

Book Premier Party

Hey gang,

Everyone is invited to a book premier party, October 20th, 5:30 - 8:30 pm at the Circle Bar Ranch Lodge, downtown Truscott.

The Truscott ladies will prepare desserts for 200 servings. I suggested cakes and cobblers, their specialties etc. We talked about the hors devoures and pretty much both agreed it would be too much, but Eujanie wants to think about it some more. I'll talk to her again closer to the date, and order whatever they don't do.

We didn't talk the other day about plates, cups, napkins, serving pieces, centerpiece etc. or at least I don't remember it if we did. Any thoughts?

Marla, I am so glad you suggested this location! It was inspired! Even with having been there this summer, I was awed at how beautiful the place is now. The bedrooms and great room are partially furnished, there's still some touch-up work to be done and lots of clean up but both Eujanie and the contractor (who was there this morning when I got the grand tour) assure me it is not a problem and will be ready.

And, knowing Eujanie, ready is an will be perfect! She seemed genuinely happy that we asked, just worried about whether anyone will want to drive to Truscott. I assured her for a sneak peak at the Lodge before it goes public, and a chance to hear Wyman, congratulate Sylinda and get their book(s) signed before the holidays.....they'd probably walk! Of course, we might need to be a little cautious, and issue a warning, as there is no telling what the Visionaries like Pepper will be inspired to do when they see this!

So let's, "Come on over and see what they've done now! Join in for the first party at the Circle Bar Ranch Lodge, our just completed renovation of Truscott's historic rock church."

  • Isn't it exciting? All these firsts: Sylinda's first book publication with Badlands Design & Production, located right here in Benjamin, Texas.

  • Wyman's first self-published book, in partnership with Sylinda, and his first inspirational volume.

  • Jerry Bob and Eujanie, renovating another much loved landmark and opening the first official lodging in Truscott.

  • And, all these are new businesses in Knox County, with all of them reflecting our history, heritage, natural resources and talented folks! I'm glad the new book is inspirational....because this whole thing is INSPIRING!

I think there's another inspirational story here, too, in Marla, from Knox City, having the idea of a book signing party, but suggesting it be held in Truscott. And, her belief that our High School students need to attend and that their teachers will encourage, in fact bribe, them to do so, because they need to know the official State Photographer of Texas grew up and lives right here in Knox County ...proving you can aspire to be anything, even, oh my, an artist right here at home. Oh yeah, let's don't forget, she didn't just have a great idea, she's taking on the lions' share of the work to get it done. Now Marla, that's neighborly!

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