Thursday, September 4, 2008

'The' Survey

Here it is… the famous survey you’ve heard your neighbors talking about, you saw Brittany out on the streets and in stores interviewing folks, asking them these questions. Now it’s your turn, just in case you didn’t get a chance yet to participate…. we really do want to know what you think. Print it out and mail to us at P O Box 77, Benjamin, Texas 79505, or copy and paste as an e-mail attachment and send to us at Read the notes under our Summer Intern story and Brittany’s picture to see what your neighbors are saying:

Knox County Visioning Committee’s
We Really Want to Know What You Think Survey

Why do you live in Knox County?

How long have you lived here?

If you could wave your magic wand and “fix” one thing in Knox County, what would it be?

What one thing are you most concerned about when you think about the future of Knox County? Your community?

Do you own a business, farm or ranch in Knox County?

Are you employed by a locally owned business?

What do you see as the greatest challenge local businesses face?

Did you grow up in this area?

If not, what brought you here?

Do you believe you live here now by choice or would you like to move if you could?

Are you aware of the Knox County Visioning Team?

How did you find out about the Team?

Have you been involved in working with the Team?

What other volunteer activities are you involved in?

Did you participate in the Job Fair, Youth Engagement Day or Rural Tourism Symposium hosted by the Visioning Team this year?

Did you think it was worthwhile?

What was most important/interesting?

Would you be interested in seeing a follow-up program to any of these? Which ones?

What would you change if the program was done again?

Have you read any of the newspaper articles or the column in the newspaper about what the Team is doing?

Have you looked at the Blog?

Any thoughts you’d like to share about either one of those?

Do you believe we have more jobs that need to be filled, or more people who need jobs in Knox County?

Would you be interested in any kind of job training or continuing education for either yourself or your employees? Another family member?

If you own or manage a business have you encountered any challenge in finding new, capable employees?

What would help you with that?

Would you be willing as a business owner to mentor or have as an intern a Knox County high school student? If the program was free to you? If you had to pay them as a part time employee?

Would you be willing to “coach” someone interested in participating in the Entrepreneurial Fair or starting their own business? Help them develop a business plan? A model/display of their business idea? Find and compile financial information? Put together and make a presentation about their idea?

Would you be interested in teaching a class on your particular skills?

Have you looked for a job in Knox County in the last 3 years?

What did you find was available?

What additional skills or education would you need to either find a better job or move into your “dream” job/career?

If you have children or grandchildren:

Do you want them to live in Knox County as adults?

Do they?

Why not?

What would have to change for your family to live here for another generation?

Have you or anyone you know bought or rented a house in Knox County in the last year?

Did you/they have trouble finding something?

Do you know anyone who doesn’t live here because they couldn’t find a house, or a house they liked, could afford?

Do you think we have enough available houses or good enough quality housing to attract people to live here?

If not, do you think we need more low income housing, middle class new houses, apartments, a mobile home park?

Do you think you will always live in Knox County?

What would cause you to leave?

What would it take to change your mind about leaving?

Do you buy groceries in Knox County? What about your other shopping, do you do that locally or where do you go?

How many businesses in Knox County would you guess you go into in a month?

Do you go to the Dr here or somewhere else? Where do you go to get your prescriptions filled?

How often do you or your family eat out? Where?

Name a business you think could succeed in Knox County that we don’t have now.

Do you get one of the local newspapers? Which one?

How do you find out about local events?

What radio station do you listen to?

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