Thursday, September 4, 2008


You probably noticed the reference of what Lorrie, and yes, she is also Brittany’s Mom, had to say about the Visioning Team. That’s because another of Brittany’s first assignments was interviewing Visioning Team members to get their perspective on who we are, what we are trying to do and why.

Here are some quotes from other members she interviewed that first week:

  • Barbara Rector- Knox City, City Manager- “it is important to support the businesses we already have. It is extremely difficult to start a business right now, so we need to help the ones we have.”
  • Durwood Thigpen- Munday, Chamber of Commerce - “the Visioning Committee is about getting people to realize what resources we have in the county. The main purpose is to think about the county as a whole instead of as just towns. The Tourism Symposium opened people’s eyes to what we have in Knox County.” He said it even surprised him. “Youth Engagement Day planted the seed for Young People. The question was asked “How many of you want to leave and never come back?” “At the beginning of the day, 90% wanted to; at the end of the day the question was asked again and the number wanting to leave had been reduced about 30%.”
  • Lyndell Reeves-Banker- Munday- said he came to realize the redevelopment of this area would be more effective if the citizens worked as a county wide group. “The Visioning Committee is a long term commitment. We have to accomplish our initial goals then we will be able to clearly see what new goals need to be set.”
  • Dwayne Bearden- City manager- Munday- said that he Judge Floyd and Mark Reed attended a Texas Midwest Community Network program in Ranger on what small towns were doing to jump start their economic development and survive. On the way home he wondered, “what will we do with this new knowledge?” One of the programs that came from trying to answer this question is the sponsorship of job skill training classes. Dwayne chairs the committee that has successfully offered Certified Nursing Attendant, EMT and Welding Classes. The committee’s targets for the future include filling classes in heating & air conditioning repair, plumbing , electrician and small engine repair. “We don’t have enough craftsmen to meet the demand for their services, and this lets us create opportunities, one job at a time.”
  • Judge Travis Floyd- Knox County – summed up the attitude of the Visioning Committee - “We’ve drawn a line in the sand. No more losses, now we are going to grow !”

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