Friday, February 20, 2009

Goree, Texas

As you may already know, the vote was cast and the decision was made official by the MCISD Board of Directors last night to close the Junior High campus in Goree. I’m sad and a few are sad and mad. But, I also know what it is like to be in the ‘chair of decision’ when all the facts are in and weighed out, even then, things still don’t add up or work out. Whether it be an increase in taxes or utility rates, it is never pleasant and its’ effects are felt across the board.

I will encourage our town, our alumni, our Council and my own heart to trust the leadership of the School Board. And most of all, I will choose to trust the One who holds their hearts in His hand and the One who has the power to direct their hearts as a watercourse wherever He wills. The LORD has proven Himself faithful to me time and time again. Every time He allowed a door to close, He opened another. He never fails. He will bring good out of this bad situation. He has begun a good work in Goree that He will continue until completion.

On behalf of the Going for Greatness in Goree Group, we want the members of the Knox County Visioning Group to know how much it means to us that, first of all, you are disheartened and concerned about the closing of the school campus in Goree. And, second of all, that you are considering the possibilities of developing a future purpose for this structure that will benefit our entire county. We need to be a go-to county or all of our school systems will continue to deteriorate and eventually close. Once again, thanks.

Lord Bless,
Tammie Trainham

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