Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes! You Can!

Our KCVC Yes! You Can! Series hit a little delay this week due to the icy roads and school schedules being shortened. But the moisture and signal that, maybe, we are returning to more normal weather was well worth it. We'll be right back on schedule in a few days, presenting the introduction at all three high schools to our semester long program Yes! You Can! The series of workshops, along with our intern, mentor and part time job partnerships encourages students to Dream Big! Start here! Start now! and offers our support and the tools they need to define their dreams, accomplish those dreams and with our encouragement know they can bring all those dreams right back home where we will continue to love, encourage and support them! The series builds toward the end of school highlight, our Youth Entrepreneurship Fair, a cash prize motivated contest, to define a dream business idea you believe will work in Knox County, develop a business plan and financing package to present along with a model to a group of judges and the public. Lorrie Coop has made this series possible by offering to align her Texas AgriLife Extension programs with ours and working with me to coordinate and deliver these programs through our business, entity and school partners! Please, please let her know how much you appreciate her!

Programs will include:

  • YES! YOU CAN!: February 11th

Introducing our philosophy that You Can Do Anything you Dream and You Can Do it Here!

  • Start With Who You Are, Start Where You Are, Start Now: February 19th

Offering insights into your individual personality type, and your strengths, as well as those things you just hate or aren't good at and using those to help you get to the next steps.

  • DEVELOP, DEFINE and DO: February 11th, Program placements by March 1

Define Your Dream; Explore the Possibilities. Includes participating in our Internship, Mentorship, and Part-time Job Partnerships with County businesses and entities.

  • Discover the Pathway: March 19th

Career & Professional Opportunities, Educational & Training Resources Requirements: an opportunity to visit with representatives of professions, businesses, colleges and technical training schools.

  • Dedicate To Your Dream: April 23rd

Making choices for education and training; applying, funding, going; Steps for making my Dream Come True.

  • Do it!: March, April, May

Individualized help to define, develop and demonstrate their Dream Business at the Youth Entrepreneurship Fair.

  • YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP FAIR: Schools May 13th & 14th County May 15th

We can only succeed with this dream for our youth if you volunteer to help as a mentor, with an internship or part time job or in delivering the programs.

Please contact me now!

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