Thursday, February 19, 2009

Positive Hometown Ties

While we are on the subjects of tourism, entertainment, and serving as an ambassador for Knox County.... Did you know that our own Tibb Burnet is a headliner for the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Alpine next month? He will be joining the likes of our friends Andy Wilkinson and Chuck Milner, and famous Texans like Red Steagall, who preserve our heritage of cowboy music and stories. What an honor for Tibb! And, what a blessing it is for us to have such an ambassador for Knox County. Tibb spoke to our high school students last spring at Youth Engagement Day about all the places he loves in Knox County and why he choose them over New York where he has lived and the European capitals he has visited. They were mesmerized and one of my favorite stories of our having an impact sprang from his sharing with them. Up in the summer I was getting a Coke at Penman's when the young man waiting on me asked if I “weren’t that lady who did the Youth Thing at the high school". Tickled that he would even mention it, I responded positively and he went on to tell me that it was pretty good. His favorite part was learning about the Brine Lake over at Truscott. He'd never been there so he loaded up a couple of friends and went over to watch the sunset and check it out one evening. "Now", he said, "We go there all the time, at least once a week this summer, and usually there's three or four car loads. It's cool to have a place like that we can go to here in Knox County." One more positive tie to his hometown! Thanks Tibb!

Positive hometown ties? Coming up!

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