Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4 Winds RC&D Annual Meeting

Inspiration goes further if you add perspiration--
March 27th

I spoke at the 4 Winds RC&D Annual Meeting over in Seymour. Decided to talk about heroes, what makes one and whether their effort is worth it. Seemed most appropriate in a room full of folks who are hero’s, dedicating as so many of you have, their own time and assets to planning, implementing and staying the course long-term to build a better life for their family, friends and neighbors and insure that it will still be available to our children and grandchildren.

An impressive list of projects including ones in our Knox County communities was presented by Darren Clark. It is always interesting to hear what others are doing, and be inspired with an idea that will address a challenge at home.

Speaking of being inspired, Seymour’s a good place to go for it these days. I visited some of their recent impressive improvements and toured the sites and heard the plans for projects underway with John Studer, the EDC Director. I’ve known John for years, and for the first four or five years he worked on some of the BIG ideas he had, even I thought he was crazy. Now through his persistence, Seymour is hosting guests at one of the most important archeological sites in the United States, and partnering with major universities to fund it. On the 24th of this month, 6 p.m., you can learn all about it, see the fossils for yourself and hear all about this new educational project , and tourist draw, in our region. The University of Houston and Houston Museum of Natural Science will present the program. You are even invited to bring your own fossils and learn what you have found!

Seymour also hosts an extremely successful Agricultural Day which shines a spotlight on Ag related businesses and activity and introduces hundreds of visitors every year to modern Agricultural practices and related diversified Ag industry partners and Rural Community Partners. That happened on the 15th.

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Houston Museum of Natural Science said...

Thanks for posting about the Houston Museum of Natural Science's recent program in Seymour, TX! It was quite a successful event, and I know our paleontologists were thrilled to share what they are doing. They blog about their dig program at a site close to Seymour -