Thursday, April 10, 2008

Director's Update: January 31, 2008

And we’re off! Wow! What an exciting start out the gate we’ve had! That’s my best description of the last two weeks. It’s felt just like shooting out of the starting gate at the horse races, all excitement and full speed ahead as I’ve finally gotten to join you in racing toward our goals. We have been welcomed with open arms, encouragement and positive anticipation by everyone in every place we’ve ventured in Knox County. Folks are excited and anxious to work with the Visioning Team and it has been INVIGORATING AND UPLIFTING to experience the spirit and love our citizens have for their hometowns, to see what they are doing, have accomplished and are ready to commit to Knox County’s future.

You have laid an excellent foundation of inclusion and planning and anticipation. Expectations are HIGH for what we can accomplish together. Most encouraging no one has asked what the Visioning Team is going to do FOR THEM, but what they can DO to work with us. And, the list I’ve already received of goals being worked on, challenges being addressed and dreams expressed is enough on it’s own to draw a map that would lead to a treasure hunter's bonanza. Now comes the real fun, getting from one landmark to the next, there will surely be some potholes and detours coming up, but what an adventure we are on!

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