Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KCVG Met in Goree

Knox County Visioning Group Meets
Thursday, April 10th

Have you had a “vision” of what you might want your home town or Knox County to look or be like? The Knox County Visioning Group has been meeting monthly since April of 2005 to do just that- to discuss their “Visions” of what Knox County could be. Fifteen members met at the Goree Community Center on March 10th to continue discussing their vision for Knox County. Members were present from Goree, Knox City, and Munday and the meeting was hosted by members from Goree. The group takes turn meeting in five communities in our county, Benjamin, Goree, Knox City, Munday and Truscott.

Committee reports were presented, there are three vision committees who have done research to see what businesses need and things that would benefit our county.

The “Scoop” was presented and discussed from Remelle Farrar, who is hired by the Visioning Board to work on helping this group of people fulfill some of our “Visions”. Items discussed:

  • The first Knox County Tourism Conference, which is scheduled for June 27, 28, and 29th.

  • Ag Diversification

  • Housing for Knox County- some of the different funding sources for families to purchase or rent affordable housing through programs such as through USDA loans and Section 8 Housing, as well as, working through our local banks.

  • A follow up survey on the Job Fair that was held in February.

  • Historical markers in Knox County such as the First Christian Church in Benjamin, which was built in 1909 and is the oldest building in constant use in the county. It’s always good to learn something new about Knox County- Do you know where “ The Narrows” are in Knox County? I certainly didn’t. Or did you know that there are over 20 historical sites in Knox County, 13 of which are Cemeteries?

Come to the next Visioning Meeting, May 1st, at 6 pm at the newly remodeled Community Center in Truscott and the visioning group will be glad to share with you the location of “The Narrows” along with other interesting information about our county. Come join us and share your “Vision” for Knox County!

Debbie Welborn

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