Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ag Diversification Tour

Immediate Impact Economic Development-
March 24th

I brought our Texas Dept of Ag Rural Development Specialist, Amy Lowrance over from Vernon for a personal Ag Diversification Tour of our county to acquaint her with opportunities for Farmers and Ranchers to diversify in Knox County, to assist farmers and ranchers and get her expert opinion on ideas coming from my own familiarization tour hosted by Visioning Committee member Lyndle Reeves and the Brazos Valley Young Farmers.

I also launched my favorite Local Economic Impact Plan … acquainting her with the treasures produced and sold in our small businesses. She contributed greatly, with ideas and useable info on the proposed projects we toured, and in immediate and direct economic development incentives for several local businesses ,circulating her personal dollars through our economy after discovering a couple of places like Dillon’s Greenhouse and then seeing Pepper’s eclectic collection after I innocently took her in for a refreshing cold drink! If you haven’t taken a fresh look around the County’s downtown areas, you owe it to yourself to do so. We have both unique collections and a solid staples base. Both need our support if we want to assure access to goods and services in our hometowns.

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