Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Image~

Have you seen our great new visuals designed by Kacy? We’ve had a ball finding ways to make our point, plant a seed and define our purpose IMMEDIATELY with just one glance through an invitation, handout, business card or advertisement. We will be consistently repeating our message with 2 visuals appropriate for everything we’re doing right now. The first is high impact with an old building façade, crumbling structure and dark windows asking “Need a fresh outlook?” offset by our Knox County Visioning Group Logo, a rider watching the sun come up across the canyon and distant prairie, clearly savoring the new dawn! The second shows an opening doorway, with a glimpse of the beautiful natural prairie beyond “Opening the door to new possibilities ….” Again offset by our rider clearly preparing for the new dawn.

What a blessing to have the talents of a professional artist at our disposal and the capability to print this quality locally! One more surprising example of what we have and what we can do without leaving home!

No two week wait here, business cards, oversize postcards and handout brochures with our introductory story, invitations and advertisements are ready to go! These are meant to be USED. If you’d like to have a supply of business cards, or handouts to share with your contacts, please let me know. The more people can identify the Visioning Group as their own friends and neighbors, the more legitimate and trustworthy the invitation, the more we will accomplish.

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