Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real Rural Tourism Symposium Update

Upon meeting with several of the presenters and support folks, we can update you a little on who’s committed to coming, tours and events.

Right now:

Real Rural Tourism Conference
June 26th-28th
Knox County, Texas

  • Outdoor Adventures & Education: Bob Rogers
  • Real Ranch Guest Hosting: Mike & Debbie Arrington
  • What’s good for the Bird is good for the Cow: Jim Bill & Debbie Anderson
  • 10,000 people in a 2,000 person town? Jackie McPherson
  • Road Races, Ranch Roads and Cow Trails: Genora Young
  • Hunting Big Time for Real & How to get ‘em to Town when they're not Hunting: Rusty & Malinda Moore
  • European “Wanna be a Cowboy” guests: How to make them yours: DeeDee Autry
  • Sand hill Cranes, Playa’s, Churches and the Mercantile; How to translate them into real profitable tours: Darryl Birkenfield
  • Art From the Ruins: Putting your history on Tour: Kim McKinney
  • The Elko story; a Real Cowboy Success: Chuck Milner

We are developing tours to Truscott, the Brine Lake, and Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus, our new Museum, Rhineland Church, Miller Creek, Ranger Creek Ranch and more entertainers are coming too…including Andy Wilkinson, Midnight on the Water and Chuck Milner who are all REAL GOOD.

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Riichard Linnartz said...

This is a great idea and will work with everyone's support. Knox County,Texas has more variety and the richest History which can attract more people now with gas prices shooting high than ever before.
It may seem like a stretch and it may take some working together but many people are going to travel no matter what-take an advantage of that.
You have more working for your attracting tourist than you can image-many from all over the US are interested in learning your history and culture. The Texas legend has spread far and wide-from frontier days- the sky is the limit on what you can use to find people who will want to discover what your area is like and why you are what you are today.
Good luck, God will bless your program if you lean on him.
Richard Linnartz, Azalea Plantation Bed and Breakfast, Fort Worth,Tx.