Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop

Wow! What an exciting time to live and work in Knox County and especially to be involved in the Knox County Visioning Team!

You would have been inspired too, by the excitement and energy of the group at our November Visioning Committee meeting. Every community in Knox County has had exciting developments in the last few weeks, each worthy of their own heading and story! I’ll try to get a separate “write-up” on each of these exciting goings on for you soon. But rather than wait, let me give you a run-down of the reports, made by those who were able to skirt all the scheduling conflicts and be at our VC meeting, of our many activities and on-going programs. October was one jam-packed month!

Maybe there's just something about the coziness of meeting at the Knox City Community Center, an inspired re-use of an old family home, or maybe it was the Fall themed refreshment table and smaller than usual group gathered around the table, or the comfortable relationships that develop between people who have worked closely together over an extended period of time. Whatever, the inspiration, our evening meeting felt very much like the visiting that goes on around the table at a multi-generational family meal, with a few out of town relatives over to share their stories too!

We have two big projects to finish this next week, so you won’t find me hanging out around the Courthouse much. I will, of course, be available by cell phone, 806-255-0909 or my e-mail, but I admit I’m going to have to hide out a little ‘till these are done, so be patient and I promise to get back to you ASAP.

I mentioned already the paperwork, which includes hammering out all the details, for our TDA intern program, that has to go to Austin by the first of December.

And, our very supportive EDC Boards from Knox City and Munday approved funding of a two page layout in Images magazine. This marketing piece will also include website materials and pull out advertising, with circulation of the magazine throughout Texas and copies available for us to distribute at will. This is an important step for us in spreading the word about Knox County’s assets and opportunities, both for visiting and living and working, but it came with a very short deadline. Fortunately, with Dwayne’s inspiration, Wyman’s talent, Kacy’s skill, Barbara’s good humor and organization and my commitment, we will get it done and done well! Can hardly wait to share it with you!

Check out the rest of my calendar on the side bar. And enjoy the scoop in smaller portions...

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