Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on the book premier...

Just a few days after our last meeting, the Visioning Committee hosted a book signing and celebration of Wyman Menzer's new book "Inspiration Texas Style", the first publication of Sylinda and Wyman's new publishing company, Badland's Design and Publishing, and Sylinda's first full editor, publisher credit. Our folks are still really pumped about this business right here in Benjamin. Wyman has always credited his hometown and the surrounding rugged beauty for his inspiration and has determinedly held onto his roots, living and working here at home throughout his career. Being able now to also produce and retail his works from downtown Benjamin is undeniable proof that you can live, work and make your dreams come true at home. Great inspiration for all of us!

Dwayne Bearden who has taken particular pride and pleasure in the VC's hosting this event, and one of those who showed up early to help, reported on the party, good attendance, beautiful setting in Jerry Bob and Eugenie's "new" lodge in downtown Truscott, and an insprining presentation by Wyman on the individual pictures and quotes from the book. Did I mention inspiring?

Well, Dwayne's inspiration from the Knox County portraits, over half the book features location shots made within a few miles of Benjamin, is that this is the theme for our ad/story/layout in "Images" magazine. His idea sparked so much "inspiration" in the rest of the group that we had a hard time getting back to the business at hand. But, more on that later!

Dwayne's report of the party ended with a great big thank you to Marla Hawkins for the "inspired" idea to host the book signing, and for the way over the bar amount of work she put into building a contact and invitation list we can make great use of in the future. Thanks also go to Barbara Rector, Dwayne, Adrin Fletcher and Don Hawkins for all the work and to Jerry Bob and Eugenie, who shared both their place and their anniversary with us! Judge Travis Floyd took the pics, so you can enjoy a peek at the Circle Bar Lodge and all the fun!

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