Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on Tx Parks & Wildlife

Also on hand for our meeting was Bob Rogers, with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Bob had joined Amy and Remelle for the afternoon to tour and begin planning with the Benjamin Chamber of Commerce on an improvement and use plan for Benjamin’s City Lake that would make it more of an asset for the community and for tourism in Knox County.

An enthusiastic supporter of Knox County and the Visioning Team, this was Bob’s first time back after helping us with the Real Rural Tourism Symposium. He shared his experiences with having people who are becoming familiar with Knox County approach him at programs he presents in other locations to learn more about what’s going on here!

Apparently, we’ve also become known for our colloquial use of the term “fixin’ to” as several folks have commented to Bob on how engaging they thought our talk of all the things we’re fixin’ to do was. Ah well, so long as they remember us, come back and spend some more money while they are here!

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