Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on Charlie

Getting around to “Remelle’s Scoop”, a review of the “official” appearances and programs presented about the Visioning Team and Knox County in October and early November revealed how each one had led to more opportunities, assets, tools and support for our work.

I wasn’t the only one out on the road for KCVC this month. Charles Lankford shared with us his experience speaking to the study club at Haskell. This group is looking for a blueprint for a community and economic development program for their community, had heard about Knox County’s Visioning Committee from Charles, who serves on our Board of Directors, and his wife Jan, and asked him to come over and talk with them.

Armed with our slick new handout on Knox County Visioning Team…neighbors working together, our highlights review for 2008, and our Adventure Country tour map, Charles slicked up and went visiting. He and the KCVG were a great hit! Charles has declared any of our committee members could do the same and challenged you all to take this show on the road! Call me if I can provide you with any support and materials, then let’s get more faces out there representing Knox County and the work you can be proud of.

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