Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on Goree Homecoming

Speaking of young guns, at our last meeting we “quality tested” the sack lunches the Going for Greatness in Goree Committee was planning to sell for a fundraiser the next day at Goree’s homecoming. What a story that group has to tell about their success this month. Hosting multiple activities and playing Tammie’s new, tear jerker of a nostalgic look back at downtown Goree on the big screen at every one, the Going for Greatness Group reported back not just great sales, but happily hefty donations and support of their labor to clean up and re-purpose, re-invigorate their hometown.

I visited them last week to view the collection of historic homey furnishings and décor that families have donated in the last two weeks to furnish the City Hall Lodge. You’d best make your reservations soon as “A Place to Stay”, “Miller Creek Ranch” and other local entrepreneurs, who were looked at very skeptically just a few months ago, are now in constant demand. They’ve even had to pull out the old RV and make up beds a couple of times already to handle the visitors. Besides, how many people do you know who will be able to say they’re sleeping at City Hall. Next Goree goal? How about listing with the Texas Film Commission as 1920’s boomtown movie set?

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