Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on the Beach House

That same week we also celebrated the opening of the new Beach House location in Munday. Barbara Rector filled in the group on what our visionary Knox County Entreprenuer, Glenna Decker, is doing for us. With this second location up and going, the first is successfully operating now in Seymour, Glenna has already met with the Knox County EDC and started to work on a location in Knox City. We are so blessed.

While rural communities everywhere are struggling with how to provide the medical and residential resources needed by our seniors, Knox County has excellent hospital facilities, Dr.s, pharmacy and nursing homes. But, we have had a big gap that caused many of our older citizens to choose between leaving Knox County for larger towns that offered retirement or assisted living facilities, to go to the nursing home sooner than they needed to, to move in with their children, hire full time help or (rather than give up much of their quality of life and independence in order to be safe and healthy) make the risky choice of continuing to live alone past the point it was logically feasible to do so.

With Glenna's visionary provision of the opportunity, for those who need a little help, to still live in family home settings, in real houses, not institutions, with homey kitchen's and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, and "family" to interact with every day, more of our Knox County elders can enjoy the lifestyle they treasure for longer. Turning this into a workable business model that also offers new jobs and building renovation in our little towns is just gravy!

Thank you and kudo's Glenna and the Munday and Knox City EDC’s ! By the way, I’m passing on an invitation to all of you from Glenna and the Beach House family..."If you are alone for Thanksgiving join us at the Beach House. Bring your favorite dish, or just yourself and join our family! Any other day you have time to visit, play a hand of domino's, look through a cook book, talk about your favorite recipe or read the newspaper, you'd be welcome and appreciated in our living room then, too!" Do yourself a favor and go by for a tour of the facilities and a visit with the staff and residents. Glenna emphasizes “Your welcome any time!”

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