Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on the award and ORCA

Judge Floyd and Brenda along with Tammie Trainham of Goree represented KCVG this month. They attended the Texas Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board of Directors Meeting, where Knox County was recognized as recipient of the Texas Workforce Commission Service to Community Award, which will be officially announced at the Commission’s annual meeting next month. You can read the newspaper article sent by the Workforce Folks separately on the blog to learn more about this honor.

Brenda and Travis also represented us, the really rural Texans, at the Office of Rural and Community Affairs’ rural policy workshop. This event was a first, an opportunity for rural leaders to work together to develop recommendations to ORCA and the legislature on what they feel we need to support the work we are doing in our own communities and the kinds of statewide programs and funding that would most help us. Travis has some pretty definite opinions on those, and is an articulate speaker on his concerns and hopes for rural Texas. Brenda offers the passion and caring of someone who cherishes the heritage of her family and their place and the preservation of this lifestyle. Between them they are the perfect team to represent our KCVG. I hope these workshops will be expanded to a regional level so more “real” rural citizens will be able to attend and offer their ideas.

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