Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on McAdoo wind project...

A huge boost for our neighbors to the West came about in McAdoo this month. Barbara Bogart, who works with all of the communities in the Caprock Telephone Company service area, reported to the Visioning Committee on the ribbon cutting for the Invenergy Wind Energy project, investing $155 million in the area in wind turbines, lines and production. Congratulations!

We’ll be watching and waiting for our own projects in alternative energy as the PUC builds those promised and now funded utility lines for gathering wind energy from our region onto the grid. As we shared with you before, the new lines recently approved include portions built across Knox and Foard Counties tying the plant at Oklaunion to a proposed 2nd plant there and to the major metro areas of Texas where the demand is.

Barbara who is the most informed person I’ve found in Texas on the state of development of alternative sources and actually seeing those in place and profitable for our rural communities, tells me we need to be just a little patient, as those of us on the next tier will be in the best position to recoup the investments and see real revenue, especially from wind energy as the technology improves every year.

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