Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Scoop on the Pumkin Shoot Out

Several of our VC members attended "The Great Pumpkin Shoot-Out", on Saturday October 25th, This event was doubly exciting for us. Everyone enjoyed the drama, and the adrenaline filled races, of the, get this, over 400 young contestants, on go-karts and lawnmowers. Even more exciting, for us, was this successful launch of projects by the “Young Guns”. One of the first "ah" moments of the VC after our Real Rural Tourism Symposium woke up the enthusiasm of some dynamite folks, was Steve Pepper's idea that we could jump start our goals.

Specifically, our goal of involving younger Knox County leaders by hosting them for a good dinner and sharing our vision and energy, offering them our support for any improvements they'd like to make to life in Knox County. After just one "revivial" session with Preacher Pepper, Marla and Don Hawkins, Judge and Brenda Floyd and Remelle, this engaging and exciting group of life-long 20 and 30 something friends from Knox City announce that 'they could do anything, if they could do it together'. Wouldn’t you like to spread that message all around?

After a lively discussion of assets they felt would improve the quality of life for their families and friends here in Knox County, the Young Guns settled on a desire to have a softball park, especially for their young daughters who have never been able to play at home, always traveling outside the county for games. They approached the City of Knox City for a location, donated land owned by the City, and the County for some dirt work, got both and went to work.

Looking for a way to raise the needed funding, they came to the go-kart circuit several of their own children were participating in, worked with the City of Seymour, over in Baylor County and cooperated with them to host this and future races. Watch for the softball field to be in play this spring and this group of “get ‘er done” leaders to achieve more great things. My and your role here is to get out and support these fun activities. They could use a few concession stand workers, shovel pushers and paint brush snappers, too!

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